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FORBIDDEN: Hawaii GOP state chair OFFICIALY ORDERS party officers and members NOT to protest against Democrats

Ostrov told fellow party officers at its most secret “state committee” meeting that — here’s an actual quote — “The Hawaii Republican Party does not support ANY protest. Any protest of ANY kind is NOT supported by the Hawaii Republican Party.”



WARNING — FAKE “GOP” LEADERS OPPOSE PROTESTING DEMOCRATS:   Folks, it would be absolutely CRIMINAL to not let you know that the Hawaii GOP’s chairwoman, fake Republican Shirlene Ostrov, has explicitly prohibited protesting against Democrats — not even to march on the State Capitol this Friday and demand the re-opening of Hawaiinow that HPD has shown that it’s safe to do so and now that our economy is in shambles.

Sadly, the Hawaii GOP has been once again sidelined by its sad trio of closet Democrats — liberal state chair Shirlene Ostrov, liberal vice chair Al “Let’s Divide Hawaii Along Ethnic Lines” Frenzel, and far-left RINO minority leader and national committeeman Gene “Hawaii Wants Obamacare + Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Aliens” Ward.

As you’ll hear in the new video above, Ostrov told fellow party officers at its most secret “state committee” meeting that — here’s an actual quote — “The Hawaii Republican Party does not support ANY protest. Any protest of ANY kind is NOT supported by the Hawaii Republican Party.”

That means no protesting against the destruction of our economyor against higher taxeswasteful spendingdriver’s licenses for illegal aliens (50,000+ in Hawaii already), failure to audit bloated agencies and departments like DOE and OHA, undeserved pay raises for politicians, pervasive corruption in law enforcement agencies, or anything else which ought to be fought against.  That’s because the failed ‘leader’ of the failed Hawaii ‘Republican’ Party, Shirlene Ostrov, says there should be NO PROTESTING AGAINST ANYTHING.

Fake GOP party leaders in Hawaii want us to sit back and let state and local Democrats get away with anything and everything that harms residents of the Aloha State.  This way, Democrats will keep on winning, just like they’ve been doing — so nothing will ever change.

So, don’t waste your money in 2020 on this fake Hawaii GOP until the RINO leaders are long gone.  Donate to candidates directly and help HIRA to fix our party so we can take back our state.  Most of all, just IGNORE SHIRLENE OSTROV and make sure you protest the employment killing lockdown of Hawaii at the state capitol THIS FRIDAY AT NOON.  Mahalo!!

Mark Blackburn, Shirlene Ostrov’s appointed chairman of the financially broke Hawaii GOP finance committee (which has no members, holds no meetings, and has seen no success in all these years), expressed his bedside support this morning for Ostrov’s embarrassing standdown order: “I hope you all have a lot of bail money as I will enjoy watching this.”  Sounds like something Governor Ige, Mayor Caldwell, or House Speaker Scott Saiki would say.

Former city councilman Tom “I’m inebriated” Berg, a very close adviser to HRP vice chair and Trump Hawaii co-chair Al Frenzelstrongly advised Republicans in Hawaii to let Ige and Caldwell call the shots and to unquestioningly bow down and obey the specious and unconstitutional authority by which these local Democrats have unilaterally made it “illegal” to protest.  On a related note, Berg’s recently published diatribes concerning his incapacitating and highly traumatizing affliction with HIRA Derangement Syndrome (HDS) present a powerful argument for reviewing Berg’s dramatic public declaration to the Honolulu City Council on TV . . . click below to see for yourself:

Anyway, with Hawaii going down the tubes and our economy wrecked for years, let’s hope RINO Ostrov’s only excuses for state party inaction and her infuriating standdown order are LIKEWISE the result of public drunkenness and severe HDS . . . both of which are HORRIBLE excuses to throw the 2020 Election and to help Democrats DESTROY the Aloha State.  Auwe!



After traveling through 49 states, the Liberty lantern is coming to Hawaii on Wednesday, December 15th. Be there. 5pm. State Capitol.




On Wednesday, 15 December 2021 at 5:00 p.m., the Liberty Lantern will arrive in Honolulu for a rally and ceremony in front of the Hawaii State Capitol as one of the final legs of a fifty state relay organized by Unite the Light. In honor of patriot Paul Revere’s midnight ride to warn of invasion by the enemies of American freedom, attendees have been displaying their patriotism with waving of U.S. flags and by symbolically passing the lantern in a warning to fellow citizens that those enemies are already here on our shores.

The relay began on October 24th in New Hampshire as the Liberty Lantern has worked its way around the country thanks to sponsors such as Human Events, Unite the Light, HIRA News, Bikers for America, Phyllis Schlafly Eagles and many more. Moving from sea to shining sea, December 15th will see the lantern rally move to the middle of the shining Pacific Ocean is the 50th State of Hawaii.

Along the way, the Liberty Lantern has passed through the hands of some notable American political activists engaged in the fight for liberty, including Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker and Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro (shown here at the Lantern Relay in Arizona on November 19th).

Local event sponsor Eric Ryan, president of the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA), explains the significance of the Liberty Lantern Relay to the people of Hawaii: “The enemy is right here, already surrounding us. These enemies of freedom and liberty are right here, right now, in total control of our government, our education system, our courts, our media and a multitude of organizations and even corporations which are committed to putting our constitution and American values into the shredder. These enemies can’t stand what makes America great and can’t stand our founding beliefs. So, they twist and twist and pervert our values, our laws, and our country to the point that America is fast becoming unrecognizable and the American Dream is out of reach.”

Event co-sponsor Kai Lorinc of HIRA News further explains: “Even though we may be surrounded by the enemies of freedom, there are many, many patriots who are ready to fight back — patriots who believe America’s greatest days lie ahead of us, not behind us. A great many Hawai’i problems could be solved if we embrace the American Spirit and return to our founding principles. So, as the 50th State, please join us as we join with the other 49 states in reviving Paul Revere’s crucial wake up call. Let’s Stand for Hawaii, Let’s stand for America.”

The event will be held in front of the Hawaii State Capitol facing Beretania Street. The public is invited to bring their flags, help pass the lantern, and take part in this historic national event which will be documented and exhibited at the Paul Revere museum in Boston, Massachusetts.

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HIRA NEWS EXCLUSIVE: A Very Special Pre-Convention, Pre-2020 Election VIDEO with Shirlene & Mark

Top Hawaii GOP leaders burn family values to the ground in Waikiki.




Photo: Kai On Your Side

Filmed in Waikiki just two weeks ago, on 10 July 2020, Hawaii GOP state chair Shirlene Ostrov and finance chair Mark Blackburn were again seen ‘hanging out’ together — just the two of them, without either their spouses; probably (as Blackburn’s wife has confirmed) working feverishly to destroy the Republican Party’s reputation as the “party of family values”. For decades, the Grand Old Party has fought in all 50 states to position itself as embodying traditional values. And for months (if not years), the shocking whispers of our state chair Shirlene Ostrov’s widely-reported infidelity and fraternization (while her poor, hardworking military husband Mark Ostrov has been deployed) has reached a truly deafening crescendo which — combined with Ostrov’s liberalism, corruption, and incompetence — threatens to forever undermine Hawaii GOP unity. HIRA took advantage of this accidental opportunity of witnessing these two alleged adulterers to provide answers to many questions on the minds of Republicans in 2020. Enjoy!

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*** SHOCKING NEW VIDEO *** Socialists Control the Hawaii GOP and Pick the 2020 Candidates

Top Party Officer Joins with AOC and Bernie to Burden Hawaii Taxpayers with expanded “Rights” to Free Stuff




Aloha, Republicans:

If you heard the cry this weekend of “All aboard the socialist bandwagon” coming from the Hawaii GOP’s promotional videos, you heard it right.  Our state party is now channeling progressives Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Yes, gone are the old days when Hawaii’s Republican Party leaders and candidates would at least PRETEND they were different from Democrats.  Over the weekend, RINO Shirlene Ostrov’s handpicked vice-chair of the state GOP, Democrat campaign consultant and operative Lori Ford, decided to stop pretending altogether and adopt socialist ideology and rhetoric.

See for yourself in HIRA’s shocking new video . . .

For decades, Democrats have regularly justified massive spending on their agenda by declaring that people had “rights” to expect free stuff from the government.  Calling something a “right” was their way of making you pay for it.  Now, the RINO-controlled Hawaii GOP is deliberately hopping onboard the socialist bandwagon in 2020 by declaring that “housing is a human right”; meaning that already overburdened and financially strapped Hawaii residents like you should get ready to pay for someone else’s housing, in addition to paying for your own.
Virtue-signaling, pandering socialists are always very generous with other people’s money.  Just like their other made up ‘rights’, progressives and socialists are increasingly arguing that people have the ‘right’ to expect housing from their government (funded by other taxpayers).  Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders believes it.  New York Congresswoman Alexandria “AOC” Ocasio-Cortzez believes it.  And, as HIRA’s new video shows, Lori Ford — the woman handpicked by closet Democrat Shirlene Ostrov to recruit and train the Hawaii GOP’s candidates in 2020 — definitely believes it.

When top Hawaii GOP leaders like Lori Ford tell you that “housing is a human right”, that’s political code for ‘we’re coming for your wallet’.  More to the point, it means that our state party is in bed with local and national Democrats and their costly, destructive agenda.  With bipartisan support, island taxpayers will be placed on the hook for new and crazy socialist schemes like Stanley Chang’s Aloha Homes Government Housing Near Train Stations and Gene Ward’s Government (i.e. Taxpayers) Will Pay for Down Payments, along with other crazy schemes to separate you from your money.  This should come as no surprise if housing is a bipartisan “right” that Republicans and Democrats like Lori Ford want to establish.

Speaking of RINO Gene Ward, that’s the same guy who helped Democrat Lori Ford to infiltrate the Hawaii GOP’s top leadership  She works in his office at the State Capitol.  Knowing that she is a Democrat campaign operative — for multiple Democrat campaigns, including Angus McKelvey and T.J. Lane — Gene Ward wants socialist Lori Ford to take Miriam Hellreich’s place as national committeewoman and join Gene Ward and Shirlene Ostrov as one of the Hawaii GOPs three representatives on the Republican National Committee (RNC) for the next four years.  Yes, the same Gene Ward who votes to fund Hawaii’s failed Obamacare Exchange, who votes to give 50,000 Hawaii driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, who votes to create a new State Property Tax, and so on and so on.

If you know Gene Ward and Shirlene Ostrov, this should NOT come as a surprise.  Lori Ford has campaigned and raised money to elect Democrats.  In Hawaii’s screwed up world of chop suey politics, Lori Ford is a great fit to infiltrate the leadership of the twisted Hawaii GOP and help advocate for the policies of Bernie Sanders and AOC.  And Ward and Ostrov had no problem getting other party officers to go along with installing Lori Ford in her current role of picking the party’s 2020 candidates.  [Wait until HIRA shows you some of Lori Ford’s 2020 picks!!]

Now, you can call Lori Ford’s 2020 promotion of rights for free stuff “socialism” or “liberalism” or “progressivism”.  The bottom line is that local Democrats now control the Hawaii Republican Party . . . a state party so disrespected that socialist Berniecrats can trash the outside of the party headquarters while simultaneously advocating for trashy socialist policies from the inside of party headquarters as GOP officers.
Nope, there’s no longer a difference between Republicans and Democrats in Hawaii.  You personally might believe there’s a difference.  But the average island voter can tell when Republicans are selling the same entitlement mentality and socialism as Democrats.  Hey, that message might have some appeal to liberal voters.  But those liberals will vote for actual Democrats every time; leaving the vast majority of island voters believing they don’t have a choice at all.  That’s why Hawaii’s rate of voter participation each election year is the WORST IN THE NATION.

AOC and Bernie and all socialists would be very, very proud of Lori Ford and Shirlene Ostrov and Gene Ward and Al Frenzel.  But for those of us who are anything but proud, it’s time to take our party back before the Aloha State falls deeper into socialism and economic calamity.  Today, the Hawaii GOP is firmly under the control of Democrats.  Top party officers are selling the same “rights” to free stuff as Democrats.   If we don’t fix our broken party soon and drain the swamp of closet Democrat party officers along with their leftist agenda, 2020 and 2022 will be political disasters.  We need to fight failed Democrat policies.  Let’s take our party back.  Sign the petition to President Trump today:







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