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Hawaii GOP is Leading Island Republican Candidates to the Slaughter in 2020



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Aloha Republicans:

Here’s a very important warning and valuable lesson to all 2020 Republican candidates and their supporters across the state. Just four years ago, Sam Slomthe BEST KNOWN Republican in Hawaii who lives in the MOST REPUBLICAN district imaginable (East Honolulu from Hawaii Kai to Kahala and Diamond Head) — LOST BY NEARLY FIFTEEN HUNDRED VOTES. He was turned out of office in 2016 by Stanley Chang, a Democrat Socialist extremely determined to win. Slom lost big despite his incredibly high name recognition, his two decades at the State Capitol, and his achievement of local rock star political status thanks doing the unthinkable in office (speaking out frequently against Democrat policies).

So WHY did Slom lose? Largely because the RINO-controlled Hawaii Republican Party abandoned Slom and set him up for defeat by allowing progressive Democrat Chang to arrive at the finish line on November 2, 2016 the same way that Chang started his campaign — COMPLETELY UNSCATHED by the Hawaii GOP and its cadre of do-nothing, closet Democrat party officers (including East Honolulu’s other socialist Gene “Obamacare” Ward, who instead helps to ensure that tens of thousands of illegal aliens all across the state can get Hawaii driver’s licenses so they can illegally drive to and from illegal cash-under-the-table jobs).

After four years on the sidelines, Slom is looking for a comeback in 2020. He wants his old job back. But we’ve got some really bad news. HIRA is already able to call this race and make a political prediction which will shock those who don’t bother to pay attention until election results appear on TV screens less than seven months from now. Based on HIRA’s extensive insider information, our exclusive scientific modeling, and our history of nearly perfect campaign projections, HIRA now predicts that the date 03 November 2020 will live in infamy and 99% of the Hawaii GOP’s candidates will go down to defeat this year, INCLUDING SAM SLOM.

To those candidates who are lesser known and lesser funded and lesser experienced than Sam Slom, this is your wake-up call. Shirlene Ostrov and her RINO cabal are knowingly setting you up for failure because they’ve dropped the ball and haven’t done the work required by their party jobs for three years.


To explain, General Election Day is almost here. With its bright headlight growing larger and larger in the dark tunnel of the 2020 Campaign, November 3rd is speeding toward us and our poor candidates like a fast-moving freight train. Time is running out. Despite Sam Slom being twenty to thirty times better known to the public than most 2020 Republican candidates in Hawaii, Slom will likely get crushed again by Chang for the exact same reason that nearly every Republican on the ballot in Hawaii will get beaten: The RINO-controlled Hawaii GOP actually protects Democrats by giving them a free ride every two years. There’s been no exposing of their records (not Stanley Chang’s, not anyone’s). No attacking Democrats for their sorry results (e.g. the worsening statistics). No rallies against terrible legislation introduced and championed by any Democrats. No contrasting of Republican solutions with Democrat failures. No making ANY sort of case for change, such as how a GOP governing majority could address the reasons why most people believe Hawaii is heading in the wrong direction (and why so many are leaving Hawaii). Under the ‘direction’ of Shirlene Ostrov, Gene Ward and Al Frenzel, all we hear is just pure Hawaii GOP silence since the last election in November 2018. Two precious years wasted instead of exploited. In 1954, Democrats took power from Republicans in Hawaii in a SINGLE ELECTION by refusing to follow the Ostrov Playbook.


Under Hawaii GOP rules, the state party’s elected leaders have the responsibility of maximizing the possibility for our brave Republican candidates to win. Their explicit duties are written down and even published on the party’s website so that there’s no mistake. The party’s role is to make the incumbent Democrats seem undesirable and make Republican challengers appear like heroes coming over the hill. Instead, the ENTIRE burden of beating incumbent Democrats has been disingenuously, fraudulently and exclusively placed onto the shoulders of GOP candidates in Hawaii by dumbing down what candidates can expect from their own party in hopes that nobody will notice that Ostrov’s gang got nothing done. Ostrov herself knows the party’s rules and the job descriptions for her and her cronies. And she knows that the work of paving the way for candidate success is NOT GETTING DONE.

—> GOP candidates need to RAISE THEIR HANDS and ask party leaders the tough questions TODAY if they want to increase any prospect for success they hope to celebrate (and minimize the level of humiliation they will probably experience) on Election Night 2020. C’mon now, you GOP candidates, don’t make the mistake of being polite while being thrown to the wolves. Ask questions now or spend the rest of your lives wondering what could have been, starting when the unhappy returns get broadcast on live television less than seven months from now . . .

(we all deserve the answers)

  1. OPPO: Where is the opposition research the party has been compiling on my opponent?
  2. VOTING RECORDS: Where is an analysis of my opponent’s voting record?
  3. ISSUES RESEARCH: Where is the work product from the standing, year-round Platform Committee providing issues research?
  4. PLAYING FIELD LEVELING: Why have our Democrat opponents not been softened up through ongoing, targeted criticism from the party all this time?
  5. POLLING: Where is the polling data to show what chance any Republican has running in my district?
  6. DONORS: Where is a starting list of prospective donors for my campaign?
  7. FINANCE: Why hasn’t there been an active, functioning HRP Finance Committee for the past three years to fund party programs, knowing that a decade ago the annual party budget used to be 5 to 10 times bigger than it is now?
  8. VOTER ID: Why is there zero Voter Contact Data showing that the party has actually canvassed districts and interacted with and identified voters to assess the political leaning of each household so I know which households to target?
  9. STRATEGIC MESSAGING: Why hasn’t the party been promoting our philosophy, policies, platform and values to Hawaii’s 700,000 voters across the state?
  10. BAD LISTS: Why are there so few active Republicans in each district (and why do our party lists have so many disconnected phone numbers, former party members, and other bad contact info)?
  11. PHONE BANKING: Why hasn’t the party headquarters been staffed with dozens of volunteers making tens of thousands of phone calls each month to identify voters and increase interest in Republican candidates?
  12. COORDINATED CAMPAIGN: Why don’t we have a plan to have GOP candidates in 2020 running on a shared package of solutions and reforms for Hawaii to maximize our appeal?
  13. COALITIONS: Why don’t we have any new pro-Republican coalitions (ethnic, civic, etc.) actively engaged in influencing which political party’s candidates that Hawaii voters prefer?
  14. VOTER REGISTRATION: Why are we letting the ruling party of Democrats outhustle us in appealing to new voters?
  15. COMMUNITY SERVICE: How can we convince Hawaii voters we ‘care’ when we only do one community service event each year?
  16. PLATFORM: Why is our party platform such a secret rather than making our positions and reforms and solutions known far and wide so it will be easier to sell my candidacy to voters?
  17. CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: Why isn’t our party consistently reaching out to voters who care about the same issues that we do so we can grow our party?
  18. PRIORITIES: Why is so much effort being diverted by HRP to the Hawaii Trump campaign when everybody knows too little effort is being made to win state and county elections?
  19. MAIL IN VOTING: Why isn’t the party working a whole lot faster on everything related to 2020, since all voters will be casting votes by mail weeks earlier than ever before?
  20. ONLINE: Why does our state party’s website suck and why does our Hawaii party’s social media only talk about Trump rather than exposing the failures of Democrats in Hawaii?
  21. MEMBERSHIP: Why has our party’s membership only increased by a paltry couple of thousand over the past 3 years?
  22. GOTV: Using GOP Data Center and Advantage, how can any Get Out The Vote campaign run by the party possibly work if HRP’S lack of canvassing means we only know the political leanings of a mere 32,000 out of Hawaii’s 700,000 registered voters?
  23. TRAINING: Why is candidate training only getting started now, since training for candidates was explicitly promised in December 2018 by Ostrov cronies Gene Ward and Jane Tatibouet to start in January 2019? [Now, 16 months later, no amount of belated “training” of candidates can make up for the essential work NOT DONE by the party.]

HIRA PREDICTION: In less than seven months, these questions will probably remain unanswered since so few in our party have the courage to deal with these glaring deficiencies. Still, in less than seven months, it’s unavoidable that we’ll all gather around our flatscreen TVs and our laptops as we witness the live massacre of Republican candidates across the state when the votes tabulations are announced.

RINO party leaders of the Hawaii GOP have gotten island Republicans statewide so accustomed to losing that the average Republican will already be anticipating widespread losses across the state. That’s what helps Democrats sleep so well at night, knowing that nobody leading the Hawaii GOP really cares about doing their jobs.

But let the record show: THESE ARE PARTY JOBS TO DO, NOT CANDIDATE JOBS. WITHOUT THIS WORK BEING DONE, THE VOTES JUST WON’T ADD UP AND MOST CANDIDATES WILL HAVE NO CHANCE AT ALL. Let the record also show that everything the party was supposed to be doing 24/7/365 for the past 3 years has been dumped onto candidates only months before the election — far too late to win or even come close.

Unless you’ve run for office (or managed a campaign), you probably don’t understand the painful sting of watching the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Final readouts of election returns being announced while helplessly watching TV alongside your supporters like Sam Slom did in 2016. This year, 2020 is on track to be no different as Ostrov oversees an increasingly useless and dysfunctional political organization that takes candidates for granted and regards the 24 months between elections as a commodity to be recklessly wasted and frittered away.

In 2016, Ostrov lost her very own campaign for office in the same year Sam Slom lost to Stanley Chang. Since she got slaughtered by a more than 3-to-1 margin, you think she’d do everything possible as state chair to ensure that candidates got much more backing by a party by making sure that party officers did their job. Nope. Like her backers at the Oahu League of Republican Women (OLRW), she only ran for the top post to keep Fritz Rohlfing and Andria Tupola from selling the joint headquarters of the Hawaii GOP and OLRW . . . and it really shows.

Failure by party leaders to do their jobs helps to guarantee Democrat Victory. All you need to know about WHY Republicans keep losing in Hawaii year after year can be understood by getting to know the job descriptions and duties of all these party officers at 725 Kapiolani Blvd. HIRA knows those duties forward and backward, just like Ostrov and her fellow officers do too. But NOBODY is bothering to do their damn job. They’ll simply say, “It’s all up to the candidates.”

As the 2020 crop of GOP candidates gets their campaigns under way, Hawaii voters in all 46 house districts who currently endure Democrat incumbents still feel the same way in 2020 about those incumbents as they did in 2018 and 2016. Nothing has changed because our party hasn’t tried to influence those sentiments. The extremely tiny likelihood of any Democrat incumbent losing in 2020 is the same slim chance that it was in 2016 and 2018. That’s why those Democrats will win. And that’s why burned out GOP candidates from 2018 have mostly chosen to sit out 2020.

THIS IS WHY GETTING PARTY OFFICERS TO DO THEIR JOBS (rather than dumping everything on candidates) ACTUALLY MATTERS: Ostrov’s failure in 2018 meant that GOP candidates were losing by LARGER margins than in 2016. And in 2020, after completely wasting 17 months since the last election, Team Ostrov has done an even worse job paving the way to victory for our party’s candidates. The proof will be in the pudding 7 months from now.

What happened to candidate Sam Slom in 2016 is exactly what happened to GOP candidates in 2018 and is exactly will happen AGAIN in 2020 under Team Ostrov’s RINO Brigade. Absolutely NOTHING. Democrats are getting away with murder thanks to Ostrov’s gang of closet Democrats. The state party’s executive officers from Al Frenzel to Ray L’Hereaux to Rojo Herrera to Celyn Chonkey to Gene Ward to Miriam Hellreich are all asleep at the wheel; unreasonably and irrationally counting on GOP candidates to miraculously make up for years of Hawaii GOP nonfeasance and malfeasance over the next few months of campaigning. It’s just not possible.

Sorry, GOP candidates. We won’t need to wait until after the November 2020 Election to issue report cards to Ostrov and her lazy RINO Gang that hijacked the Hawaii GOP only to sit around and do nothing. Everyone gets an F. YOUR GENERALS SURRENDERED TO THE OPPOSING ARMY LONG BEFORE SENDING YOU ONTO THE BATTLEFIELD TO GET SLAUGHTERED. Just ask Sam Slom. It’s time to focus on getting the party ready for 2022 with an all new party leadership team in place.


TAKE THE SURVEY: Hawaii GOP officials have $TOLEN THOUSAND$ in 2022 for GOP campaign$



Island GOP politicians and high ranking state party officers have been routinely stealing from taxpayers; illegally abusing state employees and state resources for partisan advantage in the 2022 election campaign. The scandal is already rocking the State Capitol. These corrupt political operatives act this way because think it’s okay since you’ll probably never. What do YOU really think?

Please express your opinions today!   Here’s the link to our official survey:


Need to know more than has been reported in the local news?  For more information, full story and inside information from HIRA News coming soon . . .

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*** PRESS RELEASE *** Dangerous Facts Should Be Disqualifying GOP Frontrunner BJ Penn, BUT Party Vouches for Dangerous, Unstable Penn



July 21, 2022

Eric Ryan  //  (808) 457-1950



“We’ve sunk to the Hawaii GOP’s lowest point ever”


Honolulu, Hawaii — With ballots for Hawaii’s Primary Election arriving in mailboxes today, Hawaii’s Republican Party is under blistering attack by a local conservative organization for “irresponsibly” vouching for the political legitimacy of troubled GOP frontrunner BJ Penn’s 2022 gubernatorial candidacy and for hiding Penn’s lengthy, troubling history.

In an ad which debuted two weeks ago entitled “Warning to Island Voters:  Secrets of the Hawaii GOP”, the SuperPAC Hawaii Republican Action has committed thousands of dollars in HIRA Action funding for online advertising to promote a 10-minute video which exposes voters to Penn’s actual record of domestic violence, physical and sexual abuse, racism, death threats, street brawls, terroristic threatening with a machete, criminal history and behavior, homophobia, deadbeat dad who had to be sued by a foreign baby mamaassault of a police officer, drug and alcohol abuse, and more.  Produced by the state’s 2nd oldest SuperPAC, HIRA’s video has racked up almost 50,000 views and nearly 1,000 comments.

HIRA’s BJ Penn video opens with audio of Penn shouting about “niggers” over and over again while Penn was being arrested in January 2021, only months before Penn announced his candidacy for governor.  Also featured is an excerpt of BJ Penn’s own 2022 campaign video in which Penn appears to deflect expected criticisms of his candidacy as “dug up”, “made up” and “invented”.

The group is calling on Penn to drop out or be disqualified by the party and for chairwoman Finnegan to resign.  HIRA Action chairman Eric Ryan warns that with many island voters already dubious about Republicans, elections have consequences far beyond 2022.  “Nominating a drunken clown, family abuser, and criminal as our top candidate to go up against Josh Green is horrible for our party and destroys any hope of getting island voters to take us seriously.  Penn has no chance in the general.  Party leaders need to stop kidding themselves with their obsession over Penn’s name recognition or his seeming appeal to younger voters.  Our state’s desperate and imploding Republican Party will be long remembered for vouching for Penn’s candidacy despite the many disqualifiers.”

Ryan points out the obvious:  “Any single one of these scandals would typically sink a candidacy before it got started.  In light of Penn’s dangerous and toxic record of criminal, scandalous and antisocial behavior, HIRA Action is raising serious questions about why the state’s Republican Party would knowingly and irresponsibly vouch for this unstable, serial criminal and his joke candidacy in light of the shocking public record.”

Even while embracing Penn and his multiple DUI arrests, the Honolulu County Republican Party has formally condemned the candidacy of Democrat Rep. Matt LoPresti for re-election to the state legislature following his recent DUI arrest in Ewa Beach; demanding LoPresti’s withdrawal from the race with the support of state GOP leaders including Finnegan and new vice-chair Lani Kaaa.  Yet, Hawaii’s Republicans are looking the other way at Penn’s growing list of scandals, which includes multiple DUI arrests and arguably far worse behavior.

Ryan’s group believes that Lynn Finnegan and the party’s entire state committee of officers is flushing the Republican brand down the toilet by pretending this information will never come out.  HIRA Action believes that the Democratic Party has been sitting on the opposition research for certain use against Penn in the general election should Penn get within striking distance of Green, however unlikely that situation seems.

HIRA Action also takes issue with the Republican National Committee’s chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel for overlooking the state party’s embrace of Penn and awarding the Hawaii GOP with an infusion of $50,000 from the RNC for the 2022 election campaign.

Less than three years ago, BJ Penn’s career as a UFC fighter was brought to an abrupt end after league president Dana White decided that Penn’s unstable behavior was reason enough for Penn to stop fighting professionally:  “He needs to focus on his personal life and get himself together.”  But only two years after being kicked out of the UFC, Penn was arrested for drunk driving and unleashed a rage-filled, racist verbal tirade caught on camera.

HIRA Action’s Ryan contends, “Penn was thrown out of the UFC for his recent inexcusable behavior which only seems to have gotten worse in the time just before announcing his campaign for governor.  Even Penn’s most recent history makes him too dangerous and unstable to be worthy of consideration by voters, let alone promoted and vouched for by a major political party.  It was only recently that he threatened to kill his family, spilled cocaine on his daughter and got into a series of drunken brawls.  For the state Republican Party to pretend that Penn is governor material means that we’ve sunk to the Hawaii GOP’s lowest point ever.  Lynn Finnegan’s desperate party is playing a cruel joke on Hawaii voters by pretending Penn is a suitable fit for the top of the ticket for the highest office in Hawaii when they know he is really bad news.  BJ Penn would be a disaster as leader of the fiftieth state, let alone the leader of the GOP.  With so much at stake in the Aloha State, there’s nothing less patriotic than a major political party trying to foist an unqualified, unhinged, highly unstable and troubled candidate like this on the public when Hawaii is reeling from serious problems requiring serious, thoughtful leadership.”

The conservative group also takes issue with a number of 2022 candidates running as Republicans who appear to be vouching for Penn’s legitimacy and seeming to have no problem appearing alongside Penn despite his scandalous and sociopathic behavior.

“Every Republican candidate and every Republican party officer seems sworn to secrecy because none of them are speaking out or stopping this travesty from continuing to happen.  To date, not one of them has the guts to tell BJ Penn to drop out of the race or tell party leaders to cut BJ Penn from the Republican team.  Some have even doubled down by making new appearances with Penn in a show of ‘circling the wagons’.  Right now, everyone in the party is pretending that there’s nothing wrong and that it is perfectly normal to have an unstable, dangerous candidate with all these problems and scandals which would have completely derailed any other campaign for president, governor or even dog catcher.  If Hawaii Republicans are collectively willing to cover up for BJ Penn, will they really have the guts to fix our broken state government?  The more likely outcome of the GOP trying to normalize and mainstream Penn as a viable candidate, ignoring his recent pattern of horrifying behavior, and pretending that Penn is compatible with the Republican brand is that island residents will be even more anti-Republican going forward.  The Hawaii GOP is going down in flames thanks to the destructive leadership and whitewashing of Penn by Lynn Finnegan.”

Click below to see HIRA Action’s 10-minute video exposing “Republican” BJ Penn:

#     #     #     #     #

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Maui GOP county chair Tamara McKay and 2020 Election Denier and congressional candidate Joe Akana, who received less than half the votes than Kai Kahele two years ago yet believes he actually “won” the “stolen election” (click on photo to see video)

Two long weeks ago, on Friday July 8th, a big meeting of the Hawaii Republican Party’s secretive executive committee (just a handful of top party officers) was held near downtown Honolulu at GOP headquarters.  On the agenda?  Two big resignations of party officers (effective immediately).  There was prolonged bickering over party corruption. And revelations of leaked internal documents shared with HIRA News reveal rulebreaking, cheating, rumormongering, falsified testimony (including faked ‘anonymous’ complaints, reportedly originating secretly from a top party officer about a rival officer) about the fitness of that officer, plus even more corruption than usual.  A secret resolution was adopted condemning Lynn Finnegan’s handpicked right-hand man — 1st vice chairman Joel Borgquist — who was censured for leading this attack to try and oust the Maui GOP’s county chairwoman (and 2022 state senate candidate) Tamara McKay because she refused to go along with Borgquist (and Finnegan’s) plan to steal HIRA’s ecommerce trademark “Stand for Hawaii” for use in the state party’s beleaguered and belated 2022 campaign.  It turns out that no vote was ever held by the party’s governing State Committee to approve the theft of HIRA’s “Stand for Hawaii” commerce trademark.  McKay’s integrity-fueled protest prompted Borgquist’s failed attempt to orchestrate the ouster of the Maui GOP chair.

Following a heated meeting, not long after Borgquist’s false allegations against McKay were retracted and the Executive Committee agreed with the defense mounted by Honolulu County GOP chair Brett Kulbis, HRP national committeewoman Laura Nakanelua (aka Miriam Hellreich’s handpicked replacement), and McKay herself, Joel Borgquist RESIGNED his position as chief strategist.  You can read this leaked copy of the approved censure motion by a majority of the Executive Committee against the party’s top strategist here:  HRP_Borgquist_Censure_070822

Henry Vincent, the state party’s vice-chairman for failing to build political coalitions prior to Election 2022

According to the state party’s vice-chair for Coalitions (a.k.a. the RINO schmuck who’s really done nothing for two years), Henry Vincent: “The censure is appropriate based on Joel Borquist’s unfounded and false accusations.”  [Take it from Vincent.  As HIRA has previously reported, he and his life guru Andria Tupola know all about making false accusations for personal and political advancement.]  The resolution read, in part:  “Resolved, the Hawai’i Republican Party Executive Committee in a meeting on July 8, 2022, formally censure Joel Borgquist for his false accusations, unbecoming behavior and destructive actions which have been disruptive to the good order of the Executive Committee and Hawai’i Republican Party, and was inconsistent with the position of Vice Chair of Coordinated Campaigns which he held at the time.”  OUCH !!!!   Naturally, Crooked Lynn Finnegan stood by her Crooked Joel Borgquist, defensively whining to fellow officers “I disagree with this resolution.”  But don’t expect Finnegan to resign until after the coming General Election debacle.  She’s the kind of person who can easily convince herself she’s the most important and indispensable person around.

Anyway, following the vote, the executive committee’s evening Zoom meeting adjourned.  But, that’s only when the fireworks REALLY got started.

[As usual, you won’t learn any of this from Hawaii’s lamestream media outlets which only grudgingly cover the Republican Party in order to seem ‘fair’ and ‘informative’.  Only HIRA News can tell this story . . . and the story of what happened next.]

Tiana Elisara leading an anti-Trump, anti-GOP rally, holding a sign reading “I’m Brown. I’m a Woman. I’m Bisexual. I’m a Scientist.”

The following morning, on July 9th, the much larger governing committee of the state party (aka the “State Committee”) convened for a meeting and found out that TWO, not just one, of Finnegan’s executive officers had bailed prematurely, on the eve of the Primary Election.  The other officer resigning was Tiana Elisara, the infamous bisexual anti-Trump social justice warrior who had been using tax dollars to illegally run “RINO Bob” McDermott’s laughable U.S. Senate campaign (against Democrat Brian Schatz) out of his State Capitol office.  Elisara was Finnegan’s hapless vice-chair in charge of the Hawaii GOP’s woefully inadequate and poorly conceived communications program, which Elisara had also been illegally subsidizing with tax dollars from Rep. McDermott’s office.  [These alleged crimes and more are currently under investigation by the State Ethics Commission and by the Hawaii Attorney General.. Stay tuned for another exclusive from HIRA News.]  UPDATE:  Elisara secretly resigned the night before the May 2022 state convention of the Hawaii GOP, just hours after the ethics and criminal investigations began.  Shortly after that, reports surfaced that Elisara may have fled to the mainland along with a co-conspirator.

With nothing accomplished during the state party’s meeting which could hope to move the political football downfield to beat Democrats, the meeting was adjourned following three hours of non-stop arguing by party leaders who couldn’t even agree to adopt the meeting’s agenda.  A visibly panicked Finnegan pulled the plug on the meeting once it became clear that executive committee members were likely leaking embarrassing internal documents to HIRA News; the kind of leaks which would stop Hawaii’s few Republican donors to continue writing checks to the state party and/or its candidates.  And with Primary Election ballots arriving in Hawaii mailboxes in just a few days (and only a couple of months until the General Election ballots arrive), the listless Hawaii GOP is plagued by infighting and is in even more disarray than usual.  Suffice to say that the Pat Saiki inspired series of purges of GOP members by Josef Stalin copycats Mele Songsong, Lynn Finnegan and Celyn Chonkey got the State Committee pretty fired up.  [More on this story later.]

Like HIRA News, Fox News and its viewers have been endlessly pointing out (correctly) that Joe Biden and the Democrats are headed for disaster nationally in 2022.  And the failure of Vice President Kamala Harris is easily measured in how many staffers are resigning from her ever-troubled office in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB), located next to the West Wing on the White House premises.

Likewise, Lynn Finnegan’s gang of incompetent party officers at the Hawaii GOP headquarters in Kakaako is dropping like flies as a direct reflection of Finnegan’s undeniable resemblance to Kamala Harris.  In case you missed it, bisexual Anti-Trump social justice warrior Tiana Elisara was put in charge of the state party’s communications since May 2021. But she (or maybe the right pronoun is ‘they’?) is out, effective immediately. And some dude in the jewelry business from the mainland, Joel Borgquist. who nobody in politics has ever heard of before yet was handpicked by Finnegan has resigned effective immediately as the state party’s top strategist — a guy with highly questionable political strategy experience from somewhere on the mainland . . . maybe.  Certainly not enough experience to survive a few months without getting ousted over making false allegations.

Yep, they’re both gone. Just like that. Sad. Election 2022 was a once-in-a-decade chance for island Republicans to unseat Hawaii’s Democrat supermajority, as virtually every elected position across the state is scheduled to be on the ballot this year due to the recently completed census and the redrawing of political districts.

The party rank-and-file membership has been kept in the dark all this time (and probably forever) in order to swindle uninformed donors into giving money to the doomed Hawaii GOP, even as many of its candidates are clearly willing to adopt Democrat Party policies as their own (from taxes and spending to ending statehood in the USA, yes seceding from the USA to create an independent 3rd world ‘nation’ run by the same folks who’ve made OHA and DHHL expensive laughingstocks).  Transparency?!?  Fugettaboutit, braddah.  [More coming on these stories, exclusively from HIRA News.]

RINO gadfly Rita Kama-Kimura happily posing with crooked, ousted HRP chief strategist Joel Borgquist one short week after his forced resignation for faking a case to oust Maui’s county chairwoman (credit:  Rita the RINO)

After more than one year of promises and hype, Team Finnegan is being rather quickly exposed as all talk and no action and plentiful resignations.  Yet, despite Finnegan’s corruption and her imploding leadership team, there was no shortage of RINO cheerleaders rising to Finnegan’s defense.  Foremost is Mililani GOP gadfly and full-blown RINO apologist Rita Kama-Kimura, who attended the botched State Committee meeting and lavished praise upon Finnegan and her RINO thugs:  “I wanted you all to know that you all did an outstanding job in dealing with these non-productive outburst(s) …. I know it was not easy, Lynn your demeanor and tone were perfect, controlled and authoritative. Peter (Finnegan, Lynn’s nepotistic husband and hanger on) did a great job very clear and precise in correcting some of what Steve (Lipscomb) had said.  I could see Brett (Kulbis) tense up, as he pursed his lips together and had that look! yet again, firm but controlled! and loved the presence of Celyn (Chonkey, the corrupt HRP rules committee chairthing) being there, sort’a brings a sense of calmness.”  No question about it:  Losers and enablers and phony-baloneys like Kama-Kimura are the reason why the Hawaii GOP keeps going down in flames, election after election, and why island Democrats sleep so well at night.  [SAD NOTE:  Rita the RINO is far from the only locust signaling the coming political apocalypse.]

When those election night returns showing Republicans being massacred by large margins in race after race from Hilo to Hanalei start being read aloud on live TV by smiling news anchors, remember that corrupt RINO party officers believe that “standing for Hawaii” means standing in favor of perpetual disarray, endless cheating, closet liberalism and the inclination to sink the GOP ship while brave Republican candidates and their supporters go down in flames.

Ironically, the Hawaii GOP’s tentative plans for a post-primary “Unity Event” have been scuttled in the wake of the implosion at HRP HQ this weekend. Sorry folks, despite the horrible statistics and scary headlines about how bad life has become in Hawaii for working folks of all ethnic backgrounds under Democrat rule, get ready for whatever the opposite of a “red wave” in Hawaii is. Team Finnegan has thrown the game and squandered the last two years. Better stick to Fox News on November 8th and watch the good news across the mainland. Here at home, it’s yet another lost opportunity in 2022 courtesy of the RINOs in our midst.

Instead of party leaders setting a course for beating dozens of sorry Democrat incumbents based on their terrible records in office and the widespread suffering of island residents, RINO Lynn Finnegan and her sychophantic cadre of leftist losers that tightly control the Hawaii GOP can’t even hold a meeting with fellow party officers without arguing about Team Finnegan’s breathtaking corruption and routine purges of party members who dare to criticize said corruption; even when just trying to hammer out an agenda for a weekend party gathering — the very meeting which was ultimately aborted after nearly three long hours of accusations and counter-accusations and hands thrown into the air. Yes, Democrats are sleeping very well at night thanks to the Hawaii GOP ShitShow of amateur hour and total disarray.  And THAT is the very latest from Hawaii GOP headquarters.  Auwe!

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