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Hawaii GOP is Leading Island Republican Candidates to the Slaughter in 2020



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Aloha Republicans:

Here’s a very important warning and valuable lesson to all 2020 Republican candidates and their supporters across the state. Just four years ago, Sam Slomthe BEST KNOWN Republican in Hawaii who lives in the MOST REPUBLICAN district imaginable (East Honolulu from Hawaii Kai to Kahala and Diamond Head) — LOST BY NEARLY FIFTEEN HUNDRED VOTES. He was turned out of office in 2016 by Stanley Chang, a Democrat Socialist extremely determined to win. Slom lost big despite his incredibly high name recognition, his two decades at the State Capitol, and his achievement of local rock star political status thanks doing the unthinkable in office (speaking out frequently against Democrat policies).

So WHY did Slom lose? Largely because the RINO-controlled Hawaii Republican Party abandoned Slom and set him up for defeat by allowing progressive Democrat Chang to arrive at the finish line on November 2, 2016 the same way that Chang started his campaign — COMPLETELY UNSCATHED by the Hawaii GOP and its cadre of do-nothing, closet Democrat party officers (including East Honolulu’s other socialist Gene “Obamacare” Ward, who instead helps to ensure that tens of thousands of illegal aliens all across the state can get Hawaii driver’s licenses so they can illegally drive to and from illegal cash-under-the-table jobs).

After four years on the sidelines, Slom is looking for a comeback in 2020. He wants his old job back. But we’ve got some really bad news. HIRA is already able to call this race and make a political prediction which will shock those who don’t bother to pay attention until election results appear on TV screens less than seven months from now. Based on HIRA’s extensive insider information, our exclusive scientific modeling, and our history of nearly perfect campaign projections, HIRA now predicts that the date 03 November 2020 will live in infamy and 99% of the Hawaii GOP’s candidates will go down to defeat this year, INCLUDING SAM SLOM.

To those candidates who are lesser known and lesser funded and lesser experienced than Sam Slom, this is your wake-up call. Shirlene Ostrov and her RINO cabal are knowingly setting you up for failure because they’ve dropped the ball and haven’t done the work required by their party jobs for three years.


To explain, General Election Day is almost here. With its bright headlight growing larger and larger in the dark tunnel of the 2020 Campaign, November 3rd is speeding toward us and our poor candidates like a fast-moving freight train. Time is running out. Despite Sam Slom being twenty to thirty times better known to the public than most 2020 Republican candidates in Hawaii, Slom will likely get crushed again by Chang for the exact same reason that nearly every Republican on the ballot in Hawaii will get beaten: The RINO-controlled Hawaii GOP actually protects Democrats by giving them a free ride every two years. There’s been no exposing of their records (not Stanley Chang’s, not anyone’s). No attacking Democrats for their sorry results (e.g. the worsening statistics). No rallies against terrible legislation introduced and championed by any Democrats. No contrasting of Republican solutions with Democrat failures. No making ANY sort of case for change, such as how a GOP governing majority could address the reasons why most people believe Hawaii is heading in the wrong direction (and why so many are leaving Hawaii). Under the ‘direction’ of Shirlene Ostrov, Gene Ward and Al Frenzel, all we hear is just pure Hawaii GOP silence since the last election in November 2018. Two precious years wasted instead of exploited. In 1954, Democrats took power from Republicans in Hawaii in a SINGLE ELECTION by refusing to follow the Ostrov Playbook.


Under Hawaii GOP rules, the state party’s elected leaders have the responsibility of maximizing the possibility for our brave Republican candidates to win. Their explicit duties are written down and even published on the party’s website so that there’s no mistake. The party’s role is to make the incumbent Democrats seem undesirable and make Republican challengers appear like heroes coming over the hill. Instead, the ENTIRE burden of beating incumbent Democrats has been disingenuously, fraudulently and exclusively placed onto the shoulders of GOP candidates in Hawaii by dumbing down what candidates can expect from their own party in hopes that nobody will notice that Ostrov’s gang got nothing done. Ostrov herself knows the party’s rules and the job descriptions for her and her cronies. And she knows that the work of paving the way for candidate success is NOT GETTING DONE.

—> GOP candidates need to RAISE THEIR HANDS and ask party leaders the tough questions TODAY if they want to increase any prospect for success they hope to celebrate (and minimize the level of humiliation they will probably experience) on Election Night 2020. C’mon now, you GOP candidates, don’t make the mistake of being polite while being thrown to the wolves. Ask questions now or spend the rest of your lives wondering what could have been, starting when the unhappy returns get broadcast on live television less than seven months from now . . .

(we all deserve the answers)

  1. OPPO: Where is the opposition research the party has been compiling on my opponent?
  2. VOTING RECORDS: Where is an analysis of my opponent’s voting record?
  3. ISSUES RESEARCH: Where is the work product from the standing, year-round Platform Committee providing issues research?
  4. PLAYING FIELD LEVELING: Why have our Democrat opponents not been softened up through ongoing, targeted criticism from the party all this time?
  5. POLLING: Where is the polling data to show what chance any Republican has running in my district?
  6. DONORS: Where is a starting list of prospective donors for my campaign?
  7. FINANCE: Why hasn’t there been an active, functioning HRP Finance Committee for the past three years to fund party programs, knowing that a decade ago the annual party budget used to be 5 to 10 times bigger than it is now?
  8. VOTER ID: Why is there zero Voter Contact Data showing that the party has actually canvassed districts and interacted with and identified voters to assess the political leaning of each household so I know which households to target?
  9. STRATEGIC MESSAGING: Why hasn’t the party been promoting our philosophy, policies, platform and values to Hawaii’s 700,000 voters across the state?
  10. BAD LISTS: Why are there so few active Republicans in each district (and why do our party lists have so many disconnected phone numbers, former party members, and other bad contact info)?
  11. PHONE BANKING: Why hasn’t the party headquarters been staffed with dozens of volunteers making tens of thousands of phone calls each month to identify voters and increase interest in Republican candidates?
  12. COORDINATED CAMPAIGN: Why don’t we have a plan to have GOP candidates in 2020 running on a shared package of solutions and reforms for Hawaii to maximize our appeal?
  13. COALITIONS: Why don’t we have any new pro-Republican coalitions (ethnic, civic, etc.) actively engaged in influencing which political party’s candidates that Hawaii voters prefer?
  14. VOTER REGISTRATION: Why are we letting the ruling party of Democrats outhustle us in appealing to new voters?
  15. COMMUNITY SERVICE: How can we convince Hawaii voters we ‘care’ when we only do one community service event each year?
  16. PLATFORM: Why is our party platform such a secret rather than making our positions and reforms and solutions known far and wide so it will be easier to sell my candidacy to voters?
  17. CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: Why isn’t our party consistently reaching out to voters who care about the same issues that we do so we can grow our party?
  18. PRIORITIES: Why is so much effort being diverted by HRP to the Hawaii Trump campaign when everybody knows too little effort is being made to win state and county elections?
  19. MAIL IN VOTING: Why isn’t the party working a whole lot faster on everything related to 2020, since all voters will be casting votes by mail weeks earlier than ever before?
  20. ONLINE: Why does our state party’s website suck and why does our Hawaii party’s social media only talk about Trump rather than exposing the failures of Democrats in Hawaii?
  21. MEMBERSHIP: Why has our party’s membership only increased by a paltry couple of thousand over the past 3 years?
  22. GOTV: Using GOP Data Center and Advantage, how can any Get Out The Vote campaign run by the party possibly work if HRP’S lack of canvassing means we only know the political leanings of a mere 32,000 out of Hawaii’s 700,000 registered voters?
  23. TRAINING: Why is candidate training only getting started now, since training for candidates was explicitly promised in December 2018 by Ostrov cronies Gene Ward and Jane Tatibouet to start in January 2019? [Now, 16 months later, no amount of belated “training” of candidates can make up for the essential work NOT DONE by the party.]

HIRA PREDICTION: In less than seven months, these questions will probably remain unanswered since so few in our party have the courage to deal with these glaring deficiencies. Still, in less than seven months, it’s unavoidable that we’ll all gather around our flatscreen TVs and our laptops as we witness the live massacre of Republican candidates across the state when the votes tabulations are announced.

RINO party leaders of the Hawaii GOP have gotten island Republicans statewide so accustomed to losing that the average Republican will already be anticipating widespread losses across the state. That’s what helps Democrats sleep so well at night, knowing that nobody leading the Hawaii GOP really cares about doing their jobs.

But let the record show: THESE ARE PARTY JOBS TO DO, NOT CANDIDATE JOBS. WITHOUT THIS WORK BEING DONE, THE VOTES JUST WON’T ADD UP AND MOST CANDIDATES WILL HAVE NO CHANCE AT ALL. Let the record also show that everything the party was supposed to be doing 24/7/365 for the past 3 years has been dumped onto candidates only months before the election — far too late to win or even come close.

Unless you’ve run for office (or managed a campaign), you probably don’t understand the painful sting of watching the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Final readouts of election returns being announced while helplessly watching TV alongside your supporters like Sam Slom did in 2016. This year, 2020 is on track to be no different as Ostrov oversees an increasingly useless and dysfunctional political organization that takes candidates for granted and regards the 24 months between elections as a commodity to be recklessly wasted and frittered away.

In 2016, Ostrov lost her very own campaign for office in the same year Sam Slom lost to Stanley Chang. Since she got slaughtered by a more than 3-to-1 margin, you think she’d do everything possible as state chair to ensure that candidates got much more backing by a party by making sure that party officers did their job. Nope. Like her backers at the Oahu League of Republican Women (OLRW), she only ran for the top post to keep Fritz Rohlfing and Andria Tupola from selling the joint headquarters of the Hawaii GOP and OLRW . . . and it really shows.

Failure by party leaders to do their jobs helps to guarantee Democrat Victory. All you need to know about WHY Republicans keep losing in Hawaii year after year can be understood by getting to know the job descriptions and duties of all these party officers at 725 Kapiolani Blvd. HIRA knows those duties forward and backward, just like Ostrov and her fellow officers do too. But NOBODY is bothering to do their damn job. They’ll simply say, “It’s all up to the candidates.”

As the 2020 crop of GOP candidates gets their campaigns under way, Hawaii voters in all 46 house districts who currently endure Democrat incumbents still feel the same way in 2020 about those incumbents as they did in 2018 and 2016. Nothing has changed because our party hasn’t tried to influence those sentiments. The extremely tiny likelihood of any Democrat incumbent losing in 2020 is the same slim chance that it was in 2016 and 2018. That’s why those Democrats will win. And that’s why burned out GOP candidates from 2018 have mostly chosen to sit out 2020.

THIS IS WHY GETTING PARTY OFFICERS TO DO THEIR JOBS (rather than dumping everything on candidates) ACTUALLY MATTERS: Ostrov’s failure in 2018 meant that GOP candidates were losing by LARGER margins than in 2016. And in 2020, after completely wasting 17 months since the last election, Team Ostrov has done an even worse job paving the way to victory for our party’s candidates. The proof will be in the pudding 7 months from now.

What happened to candidate Sam Slom in 2016 is exactly what happened to GOP candidates in 2018 and is exactly will happen AGAIN in 2020 under Team Ostrov’s RINO Brigade. Absolutely NOTHING. Democrats are getting away with murder thanks to Ostrov’s gang of closet Democrats. The state party’s executive officers from Al Frenzel to Ray L’Hereaux to Rojo Herrera to Celyn Chonkey to Gene Ward to Miriam Hellreich are all asleep at the wheel; unreasonably and irrationally counting on GOP candidates to miraculously make up for years of Hawaii GOP nonfeasance and malfeasance over the next few months of campaigning. It’s just not possible.

Sorry, GOP candidates. We won’t need to wait until after the November 2020 Election to issue report cards to Ostrov and her lazy RINO Gang that hijacked the Hawaii GOP only to sit around and do nothing. Everyone gets an F. YOUR GENERALS SURRENDERED TO THE OPPOSING ARMY LONG BEFORE SENDING YOU ONTO THE BATTLEFIELD TO GET SLAUGHTERED. Just ask Sam Slom. It’s time to focus on getting the party ready for 2022 with an all new party leadership team in place.





There are three enormous, fast-breaking news stories reverberating in the Hawaii Republican Party (HRP) today.  Before you donate one penny to the troubled state party — which has a long and shocking history of wasting donor dollars from people like YOU to elect fake Republicans —you need to KNOW and UNDERSTAND these three major developments.

First, the leadership of the Hawaii GOP finally AGREES with HIRA that radical community organizer turned state senator Kurt Fevella is a full-blown Democrat.  Yesterday, HRP state chair Lynn Finnegan and her communications team blasted the “job killer” agenda of Kurt Fevella and his Democrat buddies who want to kill local small businesses by nearly DOUBLING Hawaii’s minimum wage.  Finnegan belatedly described Fevella’s legislation as “a job killer for local small businesses”.  From $10 to $18 per hour.  Yes, a real JOB KILLER which will guarantee price inflation, layoffs and even lower and more scarce employment in the islands.

According to the daily newspaper, State Sen. Kurt Fevella, (R, Ewa Beach-Iroquois Point), is the lone Republican senator and one of 21 senators to introduce SB 2018“I’m working closely with my colleagues,” Fevella told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. “It’s long overdue for a minimum wage increase.”Honolulu Star-Advertiser, 1/20/22

Civil beat reports that, “Sen. Brian Taniguchi introduced the measure with the support of 20 other senators, including Sen. Kurt Fevella, the chamber’s only Republican.”Honolulu Civil Beat, 1/20/22

Democrats are enthusiastically exploiting RINO stooge Fevella to make the wage hike legislation appear to be “bipartisan”; a modus operandi they have previously employed to use Fevella to promote so many other terrible bills.  [NOTE:  Kurt Fevella is not Sam Slom.] 

Fevella is wrong on so many issues and has abused his state senate position to vote in favor of . . .

  • making Hawaii a sanctuary state for illegal aliens
  • jacking up taxes to fund Mufi and Kirk’s gravy train
  • making Hawaii’s income taxes the highest in the nation
  • giving public worker unions in our failed state government massive pay raises
  • stopping the TMT telescope project to impress his woke, sovereignty comrades
  • Wants to round up tourists and lock them up on a military base

While HIRA repeatedly warned HRP (yes, we warned them and we warned them) NOT to back liberal flunkie Kurt Fevella for office since he was merely a Democrat in Republican clothing, backed for years by Mufi Hannemann’s political mafia, they did it anyway.

In addition, Hannemann puppet Fevella endorsed Democrat Kai Kahele for congress while being a useful stooges for the self-dealing labor unions that control Hawaii politics.

Obviously, the disastrous RINO-controlled HRP either failed to vet Fevella and his ideology before backing him or party officers simply don’t care if GOP candidates support Democrat policies.  Sadly, the latter scenario proves to be the reality again and again.


TOP PARTY HACKS UNITE: RINO national committeeman Gene Ward and RINO national committeewoman Laura Nakanelua are all smiles as the flank high-taxing, big spending RINO state senator Kurt Fevella before his announced partnership with Hawaii Democrats to push for a near doubling of Hawaii’s minimum wage.


Second, are you ready for earth-shaking development #2 ??   House Republican “minority leader” Val Okimoto has thrown in the towel and will NOT seek re-election to her state house district.  Instead, even after wresting control of the tiny 4-member caucus in the house from former minority Gene Ward last year, she has decided to become “nonpartisan” and run for a seat on the Honolulu City Council.  Following in the footsteps of RINO’s Kym Pine and Andria Tupola, Okimoto is peeling off her briefly worn Republican label to improve her odds of getting campaign contributions from Hawaii’s political establishment which rewards mediocrity, liberalism and the prevailing attitude of going-along-to-get-along; resulting in the loss of yet another GOP held house seat.  That’s 5 seats in Hawai’i down to just 2 since party destroyer Lynn Finnegan took over.

As you may recall, HIRA warned about Val Okimoto when we revealed how she supports creating a statewide property tax in order to create a windfall for the HSTA union.  Yes, another tax and spend liberal running as a faux ‘conservative’ Republican in order to fool center-right voters living in Mililani, just like her faux Republican predecessor Beth Fukumoto.  Now, Okimoto hopes to join fellow closet Democrat Andria Tupola on the city council where she can likewise vote in favor of wasting billions on rail and giving away the store to city workers while overtaxed residents drive on congested, disintegrating city streets filled with homeless tent cities and boarded up businesses.

Third (as if two aren’t already enough), Bob McDermott has decided that he wants to lose in 2022 by running for U.S. Senate against someone who has 100 times more campaign cash available to him than ‘RINO Bob’.  Refusing to run for reelection and voluntarily giving up his safe state house seat in Ewa Beach, you start to recognize a pattern.  You see, McDermott has done this before.  Back in 2002, RINO Bob gave up his safe state house seat (representing Salt Lake, Aliamanu and Aiea) after only a few short terms in office in order to run for Patsy Mink’s U.S. House seat.  That was the last we heard of RINO Bob until he popped up years later in Ewa Beach.  Now, with another fruitless stab at higher office after just a few short years in a safe seat, he’s doing it again; resulting in the loss of yet another house seat.

So, with Kurt Fevella shifting from the Republican column to the Democrat column and with Val Okimoto and Bob McDermott taking themselves off the playing field, we’re down to just TWO in the state house and ZERO in the state senate.  When the year started, there were FIVE.  Now, there’s just TWO.

In 2022, due to the drawing of new political boundaries as a result of the U.S. Census, all political offices are on the ballot this year.  Team Finnegan is throwing away any hope for a Republican majority in our lifetimes.  Since taking control of the Hawaii GOP, Finnegan has overseen the decline of elected Republicans from FIVE down to just TWO.  Yes, just Gene Ward and Lauren Cheape (assuming they can get re-elected).

RINO Kurt Fevella (center) celebrating his election to the state senate with Finnegan-aligned Honolulu GOP county chair (and Fevella campaign advisor) Brett Kulbis and longtime HRP RINO apologist Rita Kama-Kimura


Folks, it’s not that far from two down to zero.  RINO’s have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in destroying our party.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, the mission of RINO’s is to destroy the Republican Party from the inside while helping Democrats to maintain control of Hawaii.  Sure, these RINO’s will say all the right buzzwords, but the results are exactly what HIRA is warning.

The BEST way to “stop the radical Democrat agenda” in Hawaii is to stop electing RINO’s promoted by the RINO-controlled Hawaii Republican Party.  RINO’s like Kurt Fevella, Gene Ward, Kym Pine, Beth Fukumoto and so many others.  Become a RINO Hunter and help HIRA to take our party back from RINO’s so we can take on the Democrats.

Anyway, hat’s off for a great job, Team Finnegan!!  You’ve helped the Democrats more in just three short months than Shirlene Ostrov’s RINO thugs did in four brutal years.

Now, you know the very latest.  To learn more about how Finnegan destroyed the local GOP a decade ago with complete impunity and then got invited back to wreak more havoc in 2022, read the TOP EIGHT WAYS that Finnegan and her RINO Ohana killed the last hope for a ‘red wave’ in Hawaii.  Stay tuned for more insights and exclusive news from HIRA News.

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THE SECOND WAVE OF A MIGHTY REVOLUTION: The Momentum for 2022 and 2024 Started with a Bang at a Massive Political Rally in Arizona



This past Saturday night, HIRA News chief correspondent Kai Lorinc traveled from Honolulu to Arizona to report on (and participate in) Donald Trump’s comeback event – the first big rally of 2022.

Kai On Your Side @ Florence, Arizona – As Hawaii enters its third year of Covid-19 devastation wrought by the unholy bipartisan coalition of Democrats and RINO’s that control the Aloha State, the first thing you notice when traveling to one of the ‘free states’ is that red states and red-brained patriots take their freedom seriously.  Arriving at Trump’s Arizona “Save America” rally, it was refreshing to be in a non-socialist locale without CCP-inspired Covid-19 mandates.

HIRA News’ Kai Lorinc with the press pool in Arizona

After only a few minutes, the sheer relief of being able to remove my mask without worrying about the enforcers of David Ige and Rick Blangiardi breathing down my shoulder soon gave rise to deep frustrations about how Hawaii’s political leaders have abused “We, the people” despite knowing that these control freak politicians with their overreach and theft of constitutional rights have done no better at controlling the explosion of Omicron than the leaders of states like Florida and Texas.  As the patriotic pre-rally music swelled, I couldn’t stop thinking about pay-to-play hypocrites like Josh Green who knowingly push the big pharma and big government agenda while the corporate media fails to ask the tough questions; questions like, “Why are you so constantly wrong and why do things keep getting worse?”

Once Donald J. Trump hit the stage, I felt a wave of relief as if I could envision Biden already packing up his belongings and taking his failed policies and that horrible and useless VP with him.  Alas, that’s still three years off.  But that’s just how great our nation’s 45th president is at laying out an optimistic vision which makes Sleepy Joe seem like a soon-ended bad dream.

Backstage in Arizona with MyPillow’s Mike Lindell

Trump’s Arizona speech showed me that we can Make America Great Again and even greater still.  My Favorite moment was Trump declaring that “We are going to take back the White House.”  The roar of the crowd echoed through the canyon.  It was breathtaking to turn around and face a sea of people as far as the eye could see.

The Donald served up plenty of straight talk for highly motivated MAGA activists which has been absent for twelve months now.  Naturally, Biden was in the crosshairs again and again.  It was almost too easy, with Biden failure after Biden failure.  But what’s always been most impressive to Republicans (and most frightening to Democrats) has been Trump’s willingness to tackle the issues which most politicians hide from.

When most Americans first got a glimpse of Donald Trump, he came down the golden elevator at Trump Tower and let everyone know in a carefully worded, and shockingly effective way exactly where he stood on illegal immigration.  Well, that hasn’t changed.  But on the more recent issues of who really won the 2020 election and the resulting January 6th (J6) protests and riot at the U.S. Capitol, Trump unconditionally acknowledged the persecution of his supporters for practicing their constitutional freedom of speech, saying:  “On top of it all, people are being persecuted for using freedom of speech to talk about the corrupt election but more and more information is coming out and it’s coming out far worse than anyone ever thought it could be.”  Yes, Trump should have been declared the winner.  But, with Democrats holding onto the BIG LIE that Biden won, rallygoers were promised that the stolen election would be the centerpiece of the midterm election.  Keep in mind that Biden’s current 33% approval rating finally represents how the country feels about him.  As ‘local boy’ Barack Obama reportedly said about Sleepy Joe in 2020, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up.”  No s–t, Barack!!

Kai Lorinc with Arizona congressional candidate Ron Watkins (a.k.a. ‘CodeMonkeyZ’), considered to be the man behind the QAnon phenomenon

Personally, my most rewarding moment from the rally came in the form of the acknowledgement  by Trump’s campaign that many of his supporters have been persecuted, brutally attacked and falsely imprisoned.  Doubling down on hammering Democrats and the Biden justice department for abusing their power, Trump explicitly accused the political establishment for treating J6 defendants unfairly.  His words rang true for many of us who have personally experienced abuses by Democrats who treat law enforcement agencies and powers as weapons to attack political opponents.  After all, to this day Trump is being attacked by ‘weaponized’ congressional committees and ambitious prosecutors looking to score points with MSNBC and the DNC.

Talking with top conservatives at the Arizona rally, it became more and more obvious that Trump and GOP congressional and senate candidates can count on ‘mainland’ state party organizations committed to beating Democrats for success in the 2022 and 2024 elections.  These parties are boldly exposing Democrat abuses and Democrat failures alike, while promoting a conservative reform agenda which leaves nothing to the imagination about how voters will benefit from Republican leadership.

Sadly, back home in Hawaii, the fraud pulled by Democrats in key battleground states during 2020 is eclipsed by the flagrant and highly documented cheating by RINO’s at the Hawaii GOP’s 2021 state convention – chronic, predictable cheating in order to maintain their decades-long grip on power and to ensure that the stranglehold of island Democrats never gets truly challenged (just enough of a make-believe fall election campaign by the RINO’s to headfake local party members into believing an effort was made, even though local Democrats didn’t lose a minute of sleep).

The focus on “election integrity” by state GOP organizations all over the mainland is severely undercut by the Hawaii Republican Party’s appalling and highly-documented rigging of outcomes which makes it impossible for anyone to lead our party except closet Democrats and fake Republicans, to include those who want Hawaii to secede from the United States and those who are as eager as Democrats to pursue big government, illegal immigration, and socialized everything; not to mention putting illegal noncitizens on the ballot at Republican candidates and even letting them illegally cast votes with impunity.  Yes, mainland conservatives know this about our Hawaii GOP.

Mainland conservatives also know that our state GOP’s leaders worked hand in hand with Democrats like Ige and Caldwell to weaponize law enforcement against conservatives here in the islands.  After all, it was the Hawaii Republican Party’s top leaders who worked with Democrats and the Democrat-run Honolulu Police Department and state sheriff’s department to assault and arrest patriots protesting at the State Capitol against Covid lockdowns starting back in May 2020.  Not only didn’t the Hawaii GOP want to lead protests against what Democrats were doing to our economy, our schools and our freedoms, the Hawaii GOP wanted any local conservatives leading such protests to be arrested and prosecuted.  These RINOs got their way.  So arrests of freedom fighters happened over and over with the admitted involvement of top party leaders.  Even worse, top party leaders have been helping anti-USA separatists and race-baiters to pursue their nefarious agenda by weakening our state and our nation.  Communist China would be proud of the Hawaii GOP and the leftist local politicians who jointly led the assault on those who wanted to protect our civil liberties.  [link to past stories from HIRA News]

Kai Lorinc with Ben Berquam of Frontline America, a tireless reporter-activist fighting the godless anti-American radical leftist agenda

In the months ahead, HIRA News will tell these stories and more.  For now, while Donald Trump was breathing new life into the assembled masses and reenergizing our conservative movement, I was able to take heart in Trump45’s blunt assessment of RINO’s, such as Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and other phony Republicans:  “They’re falling fast and furious. We’re getting rid of them fast.”

Trump knows that RINOs across the country enable every aspect of the Democrat agenda.  Trump even knows that Hawaii’s Democrats are likewise secure while RINO’s control the Hawaii GOP; a party which embraces the unanimous vote by all elected Republicans in the State House to provide driver’s licenses for tens of thousands of illegal aliens here in Hawaii so that legal residents are forced to accept lower wages as they compete with cash-under-the-table earners who compete for scarce housing and compete for resources everywhere from public schools, to congested roads to social services.  I let it be known to Trump’s aides and fans alike that HIRA is working hard to get rid of all the RINO’s in Hawaii, to include elected officials and party leaders, in order to make way for AMERICA FIRST REPUBLICANS in 2024.  With the help of reform-minded conservatives who are tired of watching Republicans lose (and tired of the few who win voting like Democrats), we will get rid of RINO’s fast and furious.  

Through tireless networking, HIRA made many new friends on this Arizona trip.  Most of them are in the conservative media and conservative political organizing business, many of whom pledge to help HIRA News get the word out about why Democrats remain unchallenged after nearly 70 years in power, despite years and years of bad news headlines which any other state’s Republicans would have enthusiastically and competently seized on to change the balance of power.  HIRA’s new friends are happy that Republicans have a home in HIRA and these political and news networks look forward to sharing our insight on issues we are facing in Hawaii.

Finally, I’m extremely pleased to report that my gut predicts there will surely be a mighty red political wave on the mainland this fall.  But will there be a ‘red wave’ in Hawaii which puts the state house, the state senate, county government and the 4-member congressional delegation and the governorship in Republican hands (or at least much closer than ever)?  Nope.  Sorry, local Republicans.  Not in 2022.  Not by a long shot.  The fundamentals just aren’t there.  After one year since the last election, we have to be honest.  The Hawaii GOP hasn’t made a dent in the electability of any Democrats since 2020.  Not Josh Green.  Not Kai Kahele.  Not anyone running for LG.  Not Scott Saiki.  Not Ron Kouchi.  Nobody!  Dems aren’t losing any sleep with RINO’s in charge of our party statewide. But there could be a red wave in 2024 if the Hawaii GOP’s leadership roster is finally purged of incompetent, crooked liberals.  Until then, stay tuned to HIRA News for straight talk about the state of our state and the state of our party which can lead our movement to higher ground, as fast and as furious as possible.

HIRA News chief correspondent Kai Lorinc at Saturday’s Trump rally in Arizona

#    #    #    #    #

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After traveling through 49 states, the Liberty lantern is coming to Hawaii on Wednesday, December 15th. Be there. 5pm. State Capitol.



On Wednesday, 15 December 2021 at 5:00 p.m., the Liberty Lantern will arrive in Honolulu for a rally and ceremony in front of the Hawaii State Capitol as one of the final legs of a fifty state relay organized by Unite the Light. In honor of patriot Paul Revere’s midnight ride to warn of invasion by the enemies of American freedom, attendees have been displaying their patriotism with waving of U.S. flags and by symbolically passing the lantern in a warning to fellow citizens that those enemies are already here on our shores.

The relay began on October 24th in New Hampshire as the Liberty Lantern has worked its way around the country thanks to sponsors such as Human Events, Unite the Light, HIRA News, Bikers for America, Phyllis Schlafly Eagles and many more. Moving from sea to shining sea, December 15th will see the lantern rally move to the middle of the shining Pacific Ocean is the 50th State of Hawaii.

Along the way, the Liberty Lantern has passed through the hands of some notable American political activists engaged in the fight for liberty, including Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker and Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro (shown here at the Lantern Relay in Arizona on November 19th).

Local event sponsor Eric Ryan, president of the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA), explains the significance of the Liberty Lantern Relay to the people of Hawaii: “The enemy is right here, already surrounding us. These enemies of freedom and liberty are right here, right now, in total control of our government, our education system, our courts, our media and a multitude of organizations and even corporations which are committed to putting our constitution and American values into the shredder. These enemies can’t stand what makes America great and can’t stand our founding beliefs. So, they twist and twist and pervert our values, our laws, and our country to the point that America is fast becoming unrecognizable and the American Dream is out of reach.”

Event co-sponsor Kai Lorinc of HIRA News further explains: “Even though we may be surrounded by the enemies of freedom, there are many, many patriots who are ready to fight back — patriots who believe America’s greatest days lie ahead of us, not behind us. A great many Hawai’i problems could be solved if we embrace the American Spirit and return to our founding principles. So, as the 50th State, please join us as we join with the other 49 states in reviving Paul Revere’s crucial wake up call. Let’s Stand for Hawaii, Let’s stand for America.”

The event will be held in front of the Hawaii State Capitol facing Beretania Street. The public is invited to bring their flags, help pass the lantern, and take part in this historic national event which will be documented and exhibited at the Paul Revere museum in Boston, Massachusetts.

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