RACIST LEGISLATOR SEEKS HIGHER OFFICE: OHA is a state agency funded by taxpayers of all races and ethnic groups in Hawaii. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled unequivocally that it’s illegal for Democrats and RINO’s in the 50th State to strip the voting rights of Asians, Blacks, Latinos, Whites and Filipinos by eliminating their ability to vote for OHA trustees. Likewise, the Supreme Court has overwhelmingly ruled that ANYONE can run to serve on OHA’s dysfunctional board of trustees. But that doesn’t keep liberal race hustlers from trying to discriminate against other ethnic and racial groups. Racist nutjob Kaniela Ing and closet Democrat Andria Tupola voted in a sleazy attempt to reinsert the reprehensably racist and ethnically discriminatory practices surrounding OHA.

Yep, Ing and Tupola voted to ignore the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court by supporting racist legislation to keep non-Hawaiians OFF the board of trustees of this state agency. During the recent confirmation hearings of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, we were all warned about racist politicians like Mazie Hirono, Kaniela Ing and Andria Tupola who want to turn back the clock to the dark days of Hawaii history which divided people by ethnicity: “No person shall be eligible for election or appointment to the board unless the person is Hawaiian.” It’s sad that the leader of all Republicans in Hawaii (and its candidate for governor) is unable to wrap her mind around the concept of equal opportunity for ALL Americans, including those of us in the 50th State. Auwe!



STICKING IT TO POOR FOLKS TO PAY BUREAUCRAT SALARIES: RINO’s are ever so eager to help Democrats hike taxes to pay salaries, perks and pensions for the political machine’s signwaving army at the State Dept. of Education. But it got to be too much for Ewa Beach state legislator Bob McDermott who let it be known that his own party’s leader Andria Tupola was recklessly voting FOR the scheme proposed by Democrats to AMEND THE CONSTITUTION TO INCREASE TAXES. How bad is this proposed tax hike for regular folks? Well, lawmakers warned that a property tax surcharge imposed by the state would trigger rent increases for low-income families.  In fact. Tupola tells her supporters that “this will cause rent to go up.”  So Tupola is breaking her own vow – “I’ve always had the promise that I gave to my district not to vote or to raise or extend taxes, and I’m going to stand by that.”

State Rep. Bob McDermott cited the example of a three-story walk-up apartment building in Kalihi that qualifies as an “investment property” which misguided RINO Tupola is eager to tax. “These people are at the low end of the income scale. It is a struggle for them to pay rent every month,” said McDermott (R, Ewa Beach­-Iroquois Point). “Now we’re going to tack on a surcharge. Now, does anybody think this owner is actually going to eat this surcharge as a gesture of goodwill? Of course not. He will pass it on to the renters.”

McDermott also worried that in the end, revenue from the new property tax surcharge might allow the state to scale back on the amount of funding it now commits to public education from the public treasury. But with Tupola running for governor, she’s eager to please as many Democrat interest groups as possible. Auwe!



GETTING REALLY SCREWED BY OUR OWN REPUBLICAN “LEADER”: State Representative, 2018 gubernatorial candidate and GOP minority leader “Amnesty Andria” Tupola joined with Democrats to vote “YES” on House Bill 1007 to permit tens of thousands of ‘undocumented immigrants’ in Hawaii to take jobs away from Hawaii residents, as well as letting these illegal aliens rent scarce affordable housing, utilize costly social services, and also crowd our streets and highways by pursuing an amnesty/sanctuary agenda which FORCES all county DMV’s statewide to issue driver’s licenses to ALL undocumented immigrants in Hawaii, now and FOREVER.

Not only does this terrible new law reward and incentivize lawbreaking, but it provides SANCTUARY to illegals in Hawaii, takes jobs and available rental homes away from lawful Hawaii residents, creates traffic congestion (upwards of 50,000 more cars on the highways), and puts Hawaii’s government employees and our law enforcement officers in the position of actually helping those in the country illegally to continue breaking the law rather than helping to deport people who don’t seem to mind breaking our nation’s laws. Look, we’re not talking about 20 or 200 or 2,000 illegal aliens. But 50,000 who should not be in Hawaii or anywhere in the USA.

No wonder taxpayers keep getting screwed. With piss poor GOP ‘leadership’ like Tupola’s, we might as well bend over forwards and take whatever’s coming. Well, at least the Democrats like her. She’s harmless and won’t upset their anti-taxpayer apple cart. And since Doug Chin doesn’t mind which countries that legal immigrants come from, you know that Andria Tupola doesn’t even mind where illegal aliens come from. Auwe!!


TUPOLA SUPPORTS HUGE COUNTY TAX HIKES: The pyramiding and highly-regressive General Excise Tax (GET) makes the price of everything in Hawaii so much higher. But RINO career politician Andria Tupola doesn’t care at all. House Bill 2587 is her sneaky, liberal way of extending a deadline so that her Democrats and RINO buddies who want to stick it to folks on the neighbor islands can do so, no problem. This way, residents of Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii County can be forced endure the higher prices and higher taxes that folks on Oahu have been shafted by since the Rail Tax was implemented in 2006.

So Tupola is breaking her own explicit vow – “I’ve always had the promise that I gave to my district not to vote or to raise or extend taxes, and I’m going to stand by that.”   Now, thanks to Tupola, the Democrat Machine can gobble up even more money for pay raises, perks, pensions, and pet projects. Auwe, RINO Tupola! Go back to doing litter pickups instead of picking the pockets of the people you pretend to serve. Pilau!

HERE’S THE BILL AND TUPOLA’S “YES” VOTE FOR HIGHER TAXES (a.k.a. her non-existent ‘no’ vote):

ATTACK OF THE RINOS – EVERYBODY RUN FOR COVER: Despite pledging in writing to voters that she would oppose tax increases – “I will oppose and Vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes” – Tupola voted “YES” to dramatically increase the top rate of the state income tax to 11% from 8.25%. After taking over the House GOP caucus from fellow RINO and fake Republican Beth Fukumoto, Andria Tupola used her vote in support of HB 209 Income Tax Increase — and she used her power to get other Republicans to follow her lead to mandate higher income taxes taxes. Unlike Tupola, John Carroll believes Hawaii residents are overtaxed and firmly opposes tax increases to pay for increased spending and to offset tax credits for those the government favors. Let’s hope Republicans get behind the right gubernatorial candidate in 2018, or we’ll end up with an embarrassing and fruitless Charles Djou situation with Tupola on the ballot. Auwe!


FOLKS, THIS IS TRULY FRIGHTENING: Hawaii’s public worker unions still don’t think they’re powerful enough to control every aspect of our bloated state government. So they co-opted progressive, eager-to-please RINO Andria Tupola — shortly after she took over as GOP leader from fellow RINO Beth Fukumoto — and enlisted her help to pass this costly giveaway. Long story short, Tupola voted “YES” along with unanimous Democrats to Senate Bill 410 Collective Bargaining Regulations which would drastically reduce the ability of state and local governments to manage their workforces by MANDATING UNION APPROVAL in deciding everything — job assignments, hiring, firing, transfer, promotions and other employer kuleana. The Star-Advertiser called Tupola a “brown noser” for selling out to HGEA and UPW. The main job of being governor is running state government. But Tupola wants to run state government into the ground. Auwe!



DURING THE 2018 LEGISLATIVE SESSION, CLOSET DEMOCRAT (and GOP gubernatorial candidate) ANDRIA TUPOLA RAIDED THE COOKIE JAR AGAIN — making you and your family and your friends and neighbors and co-workers pay for free college for tens of thousands of unionized government employees — the same folks who help ‘generous’ politicians like Tupola to get elected. Auwe!!


HAWAII GOP CANDIDATE SUPPORTS MASSIVE EXPANSION OF WELFARE TO HELP DEMOCRATS MAKE EVERY RESIDENT OF HAWAII DEPENDENT UPON THE GOVERNMENT: RINO politician and “Republican” gubernatorial candidate Andria Tupola joined hands with Democrats down at the State Capitol to vote “YES” for the State of Hawaii to develop UBI or ‘Universal Basic Income’, a completely unsustainable new left-wing entitlement program. Known as ‘the capitalist road to communism ‘, UBI requires taxpayers statewide to bear the financial burden of providing every single adult in Hawaii with free money — a uniform fixed amount to be established by career state politicians, with an estimated cost of billions of dollars PER YEAR FOREVER. With Republican ‘leadership’ like this, no wonder Democrats are getting no resistance flushing Hawaii down the toilet. Auwe!!



RINO ALERT: Fake Republican (and minority leader) Andria Tupola just voted IN FAVOR of Democrat State House Bill 2281 which will force Hawaii residents across the state to accept the establishment of mainland style homeless shantytowns (or tent cities). Ready to impose her will on taxpayers, RINO Andria Tupola and her liberal Democrat pals realize neighborhoods might not be so welcoming. “This concept would have to be taken from island to island to really get the community to understand it,” Tupola told Hawaii News Now, as she and her Democrat friends prepare to force these shantytowns down the throats of taxpayers during the current session of the Hawaii State Legislature. Wait until you see the rest of Tupola’s abominable voting record. You’ll wonder why she hasn’t become a Democrat already. Auwe!!


GOP “LEADER” TUPOLA’S INEXCUSABLE SUPPORT YEARLY FOR BLOATED DEMOCRAT STATE BUDGETS: Since being elected, Republican minority leader and 2018 gubernatorial candidate Andria Tupola has voted “YES” each and every year in favor of wasteful state government budgets proposed by big spending, high taxing Democrats. This fake Republican’s unconditional support for overspending by each bloated state department, agency, and program helps Democrats and their cronies to justify BILLIONS in excessive taxation as well as putting generations of taxpayers on the hook for ill-advised debt and unfunded liabilities. Talk about giving away the store and selling taxpayers down the river. No wonder Republicans keep losing — there’s no difference!! Auwe . . .

2015 Budget

2016 Budget

2017 Budget

2018 Budget

OMG!!! HAWAII GOP LEADER AND 2018 CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR ANDRIA TUPOLA VOTED WITH DEMOCRATS TO MANDATE OBAMACARE IN HAWAII NO MATTER WHAT: Worried that the law might be repealed on the federal level by clear-thinking Republicans in Washington, D.C., left-wing, progressive GOP legislator Andria Tupola voted “YES” to require the State of Hawaii to forcibly implement most of the elements of Obamacare

HB 552 Obamacare Implementation (2017) – See the vote tally for yourself (link below): RINO Andria Tupola was even on the conference committee which hammered out this horrible Democrat legislation. This is another example of how Tupola has sold out to the Democrats and consistently votes with them 90% of the time.



AS IF DEMOCRATS AND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES DON’T ALREADY BLEED US DRY: Fake Republican ‘minority leader’ and RINO gubernatorial candiate Andria Tupola voted “YES” to make a college education in Hawaii even more costly to students and taxpayers alike by letting already powerful public worker unions organize UH system graduate student assistants and then bargain collectively for wages, hours and benefits. The union-written legislation even overrides the management of the UH Board of Regents and the University Administration. That’s right, even after Democrats told Tupola they can’t afford her costly anti-consumer schemes while they are trying to keep tuition reasonable, she ignores them and gives public union bosses whatever they want. Djou and Fukumoto would be very proud of Tupola’s liberal voting record. Auwe, Andria!


TUPOLA PUT A CLOSET DEMOCRAT IN CHARGE OF THE REPUBLICAN LEGISLATIVE CAUCUS: Hawaii’s GOP Minority Caucus at the State Legislature is out of control. Support for Obamacare, Sanctuary Cities, Higher Taxes, Rail Project Bailouts, Wasteful Budgets, etc. And they are the ones who are supposed to be DIFFERENT from the Democrats.

In January 2017, Andria Tupola voted to keep progressive Beth Fukumoto in charge of the GOP caucus as its “Minority Leader” for the next two years. As if Tupola’s judgement wasn’t bad enough, Tupola voted two weeks later to get rid of Fukumoto. With the vote of just three people (including herself), Tupola took Fukumoto’s place as minority leader and spent the next two years putting up ZERO FIGHT against the ruling Democrats.

In fact, just like her predecessor Fukumoto, Tupola became Queen of the RINO’s and continued voting with Democrats the overwhelming majority of the time; supporting terrible policies which harm everyday taxpayers in Hawaii.

Knowing how terrible Fukumoto’s leadership had been, Tupola still supported Fukumoto at a crucial moment following the 2016 elections. Eventually, eager-to-please Tupola joined Fukumoto in actively ‘brown-nosing’ the Democrat agenda in shocking moves to savage taxpayers with massive giveaways to public worker unions, tax hikes, wasteful spending, bloated bureaucracies, giving driver’s licenses to tens of thousands of illegal aliens so they can take jobs and housing from Hawaiians, expanding welfare to every resident of Hawaii, and more.

Tupola’s idea of leadership is surrendering to Democrats by being a clone of Beth Fukumoto. The more things changed, the more they stayed the same. Auwe!


TUPOLA’S HORRIFYING AND DESPERATE CRY FOR ATTENTION (and for acceptance by fellow progressives): Following his inauguration las year, President Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Accord on global warming because it was a very, very bad deal struck in 2015 during the Obama years; based on Al Gore’s discredited belief that the polar bears would be gone by now along with the polar icecaps and probably half of humanity. Well, Al, it’s still there.

Minority Leader and devout RINO Andria Tupola, who prides herself on opposing the GOP and Trump on issue after issue to impress Democrats, voted IN FAVOR of Hawaii Democrat legislation SB559 which, according to Hawaii GOP Chair Shirlene Ostrov, will “subject the state of Hawaii to the same job-killing regulations found in the Paris Accord, just days after President Trump wisely withdrew our nation from that flawed agreement.” Great job, RINO Tupola. You’re as nutty as Al Gore for embracing the job killing agenda of the far left. And you want to be governor? You shouldn’t even be leader of the GOP caucus at the State Capitol. Auwe!