STICKING IT TO POOR FOLKS TO PAY BUREAUCRAT SALARIES: RINO’s are ever so eager to help Democrats hike taxes to pay salaries, perks and pensions for the political machine’s signwaving army at the State Dept. of Education. But it got to be too much for Ewa Beach state legislator Bob McDermott who let it be known that his own party’s leader Andria Tupola was recklessly voting FOR the scheme proposed by Democrats to AMEND THE CONSTITUTION TO INCREASE TAXES. How bad is this proposed tax hike for regular folks? Well, lawmakers warned that a property tax surcharge imposed by the state would trigger rent increases for low-income families.  In fact. Tupola tells her supporters that “this will cause rent to go up.”  So Tupola is breaking her own vow – “I’ve always had the promise that I gave to my district not to vote or to raise or extend taxes, and I’m going to stand by that.”

State Rep. Bob McDermott cited the example of a three-story walk-up apartment building in Kalihi that qualifies as an “investment property” which misguided RINO Tupola is eager to tax. “These people are at the low end of the income scale. It is a struggle for them to pay rent every month,” said McDermott (R, Ewa Beach­-Iroquois Point). “Now we’re going to tack on a surcharge. Now, does anybody think this owner is actually going to eat this surcharge as a gesture of goodwill? Of course not. He will pass it on to the renters.”

McDermott also worried that in the end, revenue from the new property tax surcharge might allow the state to scale back on the amount of funding it now commits to public education from the public treasury. But with Tupola running for governor, she’s eager to please as many Democrat interest groups as possible. Auwe!