GETTING REALLY SCREWED BY OUR OWN REPUBLICAN “LEADER”: State Representative, 2018 gubernatorial candidate and GOP minority leader “Amnesty Andria” Tupola joined with Democrats to vote “YES” on House Bill 1007 to permit tens of thousands of ‘undocumented immigrants’ in Hawaii to take jobs away from Hawaii residents, as well as letting these illegal aliens rent scarce affordable housing, utilize costly social services, and also crowd our streets and highways by pursuing an amnesty/sanctuary agenda which FORCES all county DMV’s statewide to issue driver’s licenses to ALL undocumented immigrants in Hawaii, now and FOREVER.

Not only does this terrible new law reward and incentivize lawbreaking, but it provides SANCTUARY to illegals in Hawaii, takes jobs and available rental homes away from lawful Hawaii residents, creates traffic congestion (upwards of 50,000 more cars on the highways), and puts Hawaii’s government employees and our law enforcement officers in the position of actually helping those in the country illegally to continue breaking the law rather than helping to deport people who don’t seem to mind breaking our nation’s laws. Look, we’re not talking about 20 or 200 or 2,000 illegal aliens. But 50,000 who should not be in Hawaii or anywhere in the USA.

No wonder taxpayers keep getting screwed. With piss poor GOP ‘leadership’ like Tupola’s, we might as well bend over forwards and take whatever’s coming. Well, at least the Democrats like her. She’s harmless and won’t upset their anti-taxpayer apple cart. And since Doug Chin doesn’t mind which countries that legal immigrants come from, you know that Andria Tupola doesn’t even mind where illegal aliens come from. Auwe!!