TUPOLA SUPPORTS HUGE COUNTY TAX HIKES: The pyramiding and highly-regressive General Excise Tax (GET) makes the price of everything in Hawaii so much higher. But RINO career politician Andria Tupola doesn’t care at all. House Bill 2587 is her sneaky, liberal way of extending a deadline so that her Democrats and RINO buddies who want to stick it to folks on the neighbor islands can do so, no problem. This way, residents of Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii County can be forced endure the higher prices and higher taxes that folks on Oahu have been shafted by since the Rail Tax was implemented in 2006.

So Tupola is breaking her own explicit vow – “I’ve always had the promise that I gave to my district not to vote or to raise or extend taxes, and I’m going to stand by that.”   Now, thanks to Tupola, the Democrat Machine can gobble up even more money for pay raises, perks, pensions, and pet projects. Auwe, RINO Tupola! Go back to doing litter pickups instead of picking the pockets of the people you pretend to serve. Pilau!

HERE’S THE BILL AND TUPOLA’S “YES” VOTE FOR HIGHER TAXES (a.k.a. her non-existent ‘no’ vote):