ATTACK OF THE RINOS – EVERYBODY RUN FOR COVER: Despite pledging in writing to voters that she would oppose tax increases – “I will oppose and Vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes” – Tupola voted “YES” to dramatically increase the top rate of the state income tax to 11% from 8.25%. After taking over the House GOP caucus from fellow RINO and fake Republican Beth Fukumoto, Andria Tupola used her vote in support of HB 209 Income Tax Increase — and she used her power to get other Republicans to follow her lead to mandate higher income taxes taxes. Unlike Tupola, John Carroll believes Hawaii residents are overtaxed and firmly opposes tax increases to pay for increased spending and to offset tax credits for those the government favors. Let’s hope Republicans get behind the right gubernatorial candidate in 2018, or we’ll end up with an embarrassing and fruitless Charles Djou situation with Tupola on the ballot. Auwe!