TUPOLA’S HORRIFYING AND DESPERATE CRY FOR ATTENTION (and for acceptance by fellow progressives): Following his inauguration las year, President Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Accord on global warming because it was a very, very bad deal struck in 2015 during the Obama years; based on Al Gore’s discredited belief that the polar bears would be gone by now along with the polar icecaps and probably half of humanity. Well, Al, it’s still there.

Minority Leader and devout RINO Andria Tupola, who prides herself on opposing the GOP and Trump on issue after issue to impress Democrats, voted IN FAVOR of Hawaii Democrat legislation SB559 which, according to Hawaii GOP Chair Shirlene Ostrov, will “subject the state of Hawaii to the same job-killing regulations found in the Paris Accord, just days after President Trump wisely withdrew our nation from that flawed agreement.” Great job, RINO Tupola. You’re as nutty as Al Gore for embracing the job killing agenda of the far left. And you want to be governor? You shouldn’t even be leader of the GOP caucus at the State Capitol. Auwe!